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Our physiotherapists are there to help you get a better understanding of your body and how you can take steps towards reaching you goals, may it be related to pain or restrictions, fitness, or simply being able to enjoy the special things in life.



Registered Kinesiology consists of assessing your movement abilities, your cardiovascular fitness as well as your general physical capacities to then offer you a tailored exercise program that will ensure that you progress towards all of your health and fitness goals. Think of it as personal training, but better.

Virtual Physiotherapy

We offer virtual physiotherapy services that all new or returning patients can do from the comfort of their own home, at the office or even on the go! It is no longer needed to come into the clinic to benefit from an expert's advice. We can address any and all questions as we can in-person. Same quality service, same results, but more convenient for you if needed.

Growing up in eastern Ottawa, Zacharie’s love for sports began at a young age. Snowboarding, soccer, rugby, volleyball, golf… they all nourished his interest in physical activity and nourished his passion of the human body’s biomecanics. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa, Zacharie began a Master’s degree in research working with individuals with Parkinson’s disease. After a year of research, he realised that a more hands-on approach better suited his interest in helping others and proceeded to pursue his degree in manual practice of osteopathy. As a graduate from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEO), his goal is to provide a service that promotes mobility, strength and health to help you reach your goals, whether related to rehabilitation, performance or well-being.

Natif de l’est d’Ottawa, Zacharie a développé une passion pour les sports à un âge très jeune. Que ce soit la planche à neige, le soccer, le rugby, le volleyball, ou le golf, ceux-ci ont tous créé un intérêt pour l’activité physique et ont nourri une passion pour la biomécanique humaine. Suite à sa graduation de l’Université d’Ottawa en Activité Physique, Zachary a débuté sa maîtrise en recherche avec une population atteinte de la maladie de Parkinson’s. Après un an de recherche, il a fait le choix de poursuivre des études dans la pratique manuelle de l’ostéopathie. Comme gradué du Collège d’études ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEO), son objectif est de vous fournir des services qui vous appuient dans l’atteinte de vos objectifs de réadaptation en maximisant votre mobilité, votre force, et votre santé générale.

Growing up in eastern Ottawa, Zacharie’s love for sports began at a young age. Snowboarding, socc... Read More

Eric a grandi dans la petite ville de Clarence Creek. Il a développé sa passion pour la santé en jouant au hockey compétitif ainsi qu’en participant à des courses de motocross. Il a obtenu sa maîtrise ès sciences de la santé en physiothérapie à l’Université d’Ottawa suite à son baccalauréat en sciences spécialisé approfondi en sciences de l’activité physique. Il a acquis son expérience en travaillant en clinique privée avec une variété de patients allant du jeune athlète, au coureur passionné et l’individu qui tente simplement de comprendre sa douleur dans le dos. Eric a un intérêt dans le sport en général et l’activité physique. Il apprécie prendre le temps nécessaire pour éduquer ses patients et utiliser ses connaissances et son expérience avec la thérapie manuelle, la méthode McKenzie (MDT) ainsi que l’acupuncture et la poncture avec aiguille sèche (Dry Needling) afin de les aider à retourner aux activités qu’ils aiment. Eric crois fortement dans l’éducation continue pour bien servir ses patients et approfondir ses connaissances.

Eric was raised in the small town of Clarence Creek. He developed his passion for health by playing competitive hockey as well as riding in motocross races. He obtained his Master of Health Sciences in Physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa following his Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in Human Kinetics. He has enjoyed his experience working with a variety of different patients in a private clinic, ranging from the young athlete, the avid runner and the individual simply trying to understand why their back is hurting. Eric has an interest in sports in general and physical activity. He enjoys taking time with his patients to educate and help them with his knowledge and experience in manual therapy, McKenzie method (MDT) as well as Acupuncture and Dry Needling with the goal of getting them to return to the things they love. Eric strongly believes that continued education is necessary to offer the best to his patients and improve his skills and knowledge in his field.

Eric a grandi dans la petite ville de Clarence Creek. Il a développé sa passion pour la santé en ... Read More

Joey is a bilingual registered kinesiologist with a passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. He has gained experience working with a variety of clients. From high level athletes to the everyday gym goer looking to be in better health. As a kinesiologist he works with people to get them more functional. Whether that is rehabbing an injury, being healthier or helping athletes improve their performance. Joey believes that movement is medicine and strongly advocates that a proper plan built around movement will help get you back to doing your regular activities. Joey is also a strength and conditioning specialist and a catalyst athletics level 1 weightlifting coach. These have helped him gain the knowledge to create great performance programs and work with amazing athletes looking to improve their performance.

Joey is a bilingual registered kinesiologist with a passion for helping others achieve their heal... Read More

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